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Free Range Farm Fresh Local Eggs Free Range Farm Fresh Local Eggs

One dozen unsorted local eggs of various size and color.
Due to naturally reduced production during winter, the limit is 2 dozen per order,
and only on prepared food orders of $40 or more.
I offer these to benefit my customers, but I'm no longer raising chickens myself.
These are raised with kindness
on a healthy diet by friends in Teton Valley.

Price: $8.00

Alpine Air Coffee Roaster's Choice - Fresh & Local, 1 lb. Alpine Air Coffee Roaster's Choice - Fresh & Local, 1 lb.

Above & beyond any coffee I've ever tasted. Roasted right in Victor where I cook for you. Alex procures the best organic fair trade beans from around the world for his famously delicious single-origin roasts and blends, in completely compostable packaging. You'll get to try roasts like Frank Sumatra, Second Breakfast, & Peak Bagger.

Price: $15.00

Anti-Corona Kimchi (Vegan) Anti-Corona Kimchi (Vegan)

Kimchi- the ONLY condiment you NEED. The perfect storm of heat, garlic, & fermentation- good for whatever ails you. A definite immune boost when we all need one :-}
PLUS it's vegan.
* No Gluten Added
1 Quart (32 oz) glass jar
Please return jar for re-use.

Price: $20.00

Wildcrafted Elderberry Syrup Wildcrafted Elderberry Syrup

Elderberries are world renowned for their immune boosting properties and are considered safe for children to elders. These berries were wildcrafted last fall from the continental divide in the Absaroka Mountains of Western Wyoming, simmered in Teton Spring Water & blended with raw local honey. 8 ounce bottle

Price: $30.00