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This Summer's Menu Plan
June, July, August and September 2019

In order to offer you the freshest and most local ingredients, we will not be preselecting menu items this summer season. Instead, be on the lookout for our weekly email and updates.
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Freshly Spiced Chai
Freshly Spiced Chai
Price: $12.00

Created in the Masala tradition, with layers of penetrating flavors. First- the boldly warming fresh ginger juice enlivens you, followed immediately by the intriguing aromatic cardamom, then comes the bold Assam tea fresh from India, all interwoven in a subtle background of cinnamon and cloves.
AND it comes to you STRAIGHT- so you can sweeten your way (stevia, agave nectar...), choose your milk too (dairy, coconut, almond...). I prefer honey and raw milk, but however you blend it,
you'll get 4 mugs of nirvana out of a quart jar.

Bliss Bites
Bliss Bites
Price: $12.00

Decadent bonbons handcrafted of organic superfoods so you can indulge with enthusiasm & pride.
Each Four-pack includes:
Hazelnut Macadamia dipped in Dark Chocolate
Raspberry Quinoa Coconut Cashew in Dark Chocolate
Seeded Quinoa Goji Berry Honey Bites

Choose with optional CBD:
Reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety, sleeplessness
Pure CBD extract from Infinite CBD,
each batch lab tested for strength and purity, contact us for results

Vegan, no gluten added.
Even the finest Callebaut chocolate contains soy lecithin
Cold Pressed Juice
Cold Pressed Juice
Price: $14.00

Cold pressed for the most possible nutrients, made with health in mind.
Comes in a 14-oz reusable bottle, please re-use or return clean & dry.

The Skinny // Cucumber, spinach, kale, romaine, apple, lemon, parsley
Alleviate // Carrot, pineapple, orange, ginger, tumeric
Power Water // Aloe vera, coconut
Fortify // Beet, tomato, carrot, basil, lemon
Greaterade // Peruvian salt, orange, Rocky Mountain agua, lemon, raw honey