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Anyone can join our Jar Swap – request it in your order notes!

If you are ordering a la carte, request the Jar Swap in your order notes and your soup will arrive in reusable glass jars. You will need to return clean and dry jars with their original lid within 3 weeks. Simply leave your clean and dry jars in the cooler when picking up your next order. If you don't order frequently, you'll need to return the jars to our free pickup location during pickup hours on Wednesdays.

Our Kerr Jars are made in the USA :-). Each jar with labeling costs us $2.50, so please respect our honor system and return your jars for reuse. The Jar Swap program does cost us time, effort, and money, but the benefit to our environment is well worth it. We love to make soup, not landfill!

Accidents happen! If you lose or break your original jars, please replace with a check, cash or something of similar value in the form of lottery tickets or good dark chocolate, etc. at your next delivery. Unfortunately we cannot accept other glass jars as replacements.

If jar swapping isn't for you, your soup will arrive in a BPA-free microwave-safe plastic deli container which you can re-use yourself.