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A 6-month Soup Season gets you through our long winters
A meaty & a vegetarian soup fresh weekly
late October through April.

Touchless Wednesday deliveries with local staples like Alpine Air Coffee, 460 Bread, Rainbow Eggs from my happy hens, Glory Bars, Spiced Chai, & CBD Bonbons.
My Ecohappy Jar Swap program minimizes waste.
Ou food is Fresh. Locally sourced. Effortless.

Treat your family, friends, office or jobsite to weekly soups- comfort in a jar.
Our Menu is subject to change so we can offer you the most local & fresh ingredients.
a soup may be replaced by another, more frequently an alternative ingredient replaces another.
Changes will be announced in my weekly menus, Click here to receive them in your inbox.
Visit my SHOP NOW page to order.

Featured Weekly SoupDelivery Date
Zuppa Toscana w Housemade Italian Sausage & Kale30-Oct
Roasted Pumpkin & Apple Soup with Pepitas30-Oct
Green Chile Pork Posole w Hominy *S*6-Nov
Jerusalem Artichoke Bisque w Lemon-Parsley Gremolata6-Nov
Beef & Buckwheat w Hearty Winter Vegetables13-Nov
Thai Veggie Green Curry *S* *V*13-Nov
A Mainer's Downeast Clam Chowdah20-Nov
Miso Soup w Sriracha Roasted Tofu & Shiitakes *S* *V*20-Nov
Idahoan Turkey & Potato Dumpling Soup4-Dec
Yam & Poblano Pottage w Peanuts & Coconut Milk *S* *V*4-Dec
Wicked Good Wyoming Chili *S*11-Dec
Chestnut-Port Bisque w Rosemary Creme Fraiche11-Dec
Alsatian Pork & Cider Stew *CG*18-Dec
Gingered Carrot Soup w Coconut Milk *V*18-Dec
Beef Stout Stew w Roots & Local Stout26-Dec
Mexican Roasted Poblano, Corn & Yam Chowder *S*26-Dec
Mama Laina's Chicken Noodle *CG*8-Jan
Wild Mushroom & Wild Rice *V*8-Jan
Brasilian Fish Stew w Coconut, Tomato & Chiles *S*15-Jan
Roasted Butternut Soup w Fresh Thyme & Nutmeg *V*15-Jan
Vietnamese Beef Pho *S*22-Jan
Golden Beet Bisque w Lemongrass *V*22-Jan
Tortilla Soup w Fresh Cilantro, Cotija & Jalapeno *S*29-Jan
Nordic Winter Root Vegetable Stew *V*29-Jan
Minestra Maritata (Italian Wedding Soup) *CG*5-Feb
Indian Dahl Red Lentil Soup *V*5-Feb
Shrimp & Spinach Chowder *S*12-Feb
Venetian Veg White Bean Soup w Miso & Herb Pistou12-Feb
Thai Lemon Chicken w Quinoa *S*19-Feb
Creamy Fire-roasted Tomato~Red Pepper w Fresh Basil19-Feb
Turkey & Gumbo26-Feb
Syrian Chickpea Stew w Collards, Lemon & Tahini *V*26-Feb
Best Beef Borscht4-Mar
Hot & Sour Soup w Shiitake & Chinese Mushrooms *S* *V*4-Mar
Lamb Tagine Stew w Quinoa *S*11-Mar
Watercress Soup w Citrus Mascarpone *V*11-Mar
Andouille Sausage w Chard & Black-eyed Peas *S*18-Mar
Silky Smooth Cauliflower Soup w saffron *V*18-Mar
Suisse Fondue Stew w Corned Beef, Cabbage & Potato25-Mar
Yam & Black Bean Chili *S*25-Mar
Sopa De Pollo w Brown Rice *S*8-Apr
Creamy Dreamy Parsnip White Bean Soup8-Apr
Jamaican Jerk Pork Stew w Basmati Rice *S*15-Apr
Silky Smooth Cauliflower Soup with Saffron15-Apr
Creamy Chicken Tortilla Soup22-Apr
Eggplant Bisque with Za'atar *V*22-Apr
A Mainer's Downeast Clam Chowdah29-Apr
Indian Mulligatawny Soup *V*29-Apr
*CG*=Contains Gluten *S*=Slightly Spicy *V*=Vegan