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Glory Bowl Soup Company delivers soup each Wednesday from mid-October through mid-April.

1. Soupscriptions & Supperscriptions – enjoy automatic delivery and added savings
Sign up for a Soupscription and you'll get your soup and delivery at a discounted price and become a proud member of our Ecohappy Jar Swap program. And once you've soupscribed you won't have to shop, plan, cook, or even think again- just eat! Simply CLICK HERE to sign up, choose your weeks & items, then leave a cooler outside of your door each Wednesday.
Then just kick back & relax


2. A La Carte – order weekly from our online store for shopping flexibility
This is a great choice for those who travel often, want to receive less frequent deliveries, or have more particular tastebuds. Simply SUBSCRIBE to receive the Weekly Menu in your Inbox, then fill up your cart with soup, bread, eggs, and more. Finally, check out as a guest or set up an account to speed up future checkouts. Choose home delivery & leave a cooler outside for your soup, or use choose a free location to pick up your order.