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Glory bowl Soup & Supper Company prepares, cooks & delivers.
You just heat & eat.
Soups & Suppers each serve 2 adults generously and are available fresh on their Wednesday delivery date through Sunday & may then be available frozen while supplies last.
We deliver Wednesdays for a $5 fee within the delivery area.
Call 208-313-5313 to arrange a special delivery on other days or locations,
Or to arrange for private chef service or custom meals delivered.
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Delivery Info FAQ's Allergies


Soups & Suppers of the week are available fresh on their Wednesday delivery date through Sunday and frozen thereaft

Deliveries are Wednesdays to Jackson Hole, Teton Village, Wilson & Teton Valley ID, Fridays to Teton Village & Wilson
for a $5 fee. Call 208-313-5313 to arrange a special delivery on other days or outside delivery area for an additional fee.

Simply put,
Within 5 miles of Traffic lights in Teton Counties WY & ID, $1 extra per additional mile.


Within 5 miles of the "Y" intersection at South Hwy 89/Broadway and Hwy 22 by Albertson's
This includes South Park Loop and Melody Ranch

Within 5 miles of Traffic Light– this includes Teton Village

Within 5 miles of Traffic Light

Within 5 miles of Traffic Light

Your order will be delivered to your home or business each Wednesday by 6pm.

You need to leave a cooler at your front door that will accommodate the size of your order.
If temps above 40 F are predicted leave something frozen in your cooler
I can't be responsible for post-delivery spoilage.



Bear Creek Inc.
220 South King Street
1:00 p.m. Wednesdays- 8:00 a.m. Thursdays

Dr. Jim's Chiropractic
10 A N. Main St.
Driggs, ID
next to Local Galleria & across Main St. from Barrels Market

11:00 a.m. – 10 p.m. Wednesdays

Moonshine Liquor (at the East entrance)
170 N. Main Street, Victor
11:30 a.m. – 10 p.m. Wednesdays

I cannot refund abandoned orders, so please remember to pick up your order during pick-up hours!
Set reminders on your phone when ordering if you have a lot to keep track of.

Life does happen, so if you find you're unable to pick up on time, text/call 208.313.5313 immediately,
I'll try to get your food to you fresh, but a delivery fee may apply.

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FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Are the soups delivered hot or cold?

Cold. Just heat 'n eat.

How much does a quart of soup cost?
$20, serves 2 adults

What if I miss the order deadline?
Don't worry, if you didn't order by the Sunday prior to the product's delivery date (Thursday), I can often fill orders through delivery day morning,
text 208-313-5313 to check availability if you want to order after Sunday.

What if I forget to leave a cooler outside?
Consider reminders on your phone for future deliveries. Look for your order in a shady spot near your door safe from wildlife & pets.

What if I forget to pick up my soup at the free pick-up locations?
Consider reminders on your phone or choose home delivery i the future! The host locations are not responsible for your orders. Your order is available at the pick-up sites only during the pick-up times. Please do not call or make requests to the hosting site. Text 208-313-5313 asap if you forget or are unable to pick up your order. We'll do our best to help get your order to your table, but that may require you driving farther to pick it up, or paying a delivery fee. Refunds for abandoned orders are unfortunately not a possibility.

What if I forget my jar(s) to swap?
You have 3 weeks to return your jars, otherwise we will have to purchase additional jars which cost us $2.50 each. Just leave the extra jars to swap with your next order, or if not ordering again, bring them to a free pick-up location during their hours, labeled with your name. We cannot come to pick up jars without an order to deliver.

How long will my soup last?
We recommend eating brothy soup within 7 days (before the next Thursday), soups containing cream should be consumed within 4 days (before the next Monday).

Can I freeze the soups?
Yes, our soups freeze well but our jars do not, choose containers when placing your order or transfer them to a freezer-friendly container like a yogurt container or Ziplock freezer bag or other safe plastic container.

Are soups available other days of the week?
There is often extra soup available Fridays through Sundays Fridays text 208-313-5313 to schedule a delivery

Can I buy soups when they are not being featured for the week?
Check our
Frozen Inventory to see if what's in stock. Orders of 8 quarts or more can often be scheduled for the soup of your choice if ordered at least one week in advance, e-mail us to find out more.

How many servings per soup or supper?
A quart feeds two adults with average appetites. That's two 16 oz bowls. People with big appetites may want more than half the jar for a meal. Suppers are a complete meal for 2 huingry people, folks with lighter appetites may get 3 meals out of a supper.

Is your sited secure? How can I pay?
You can choose Venmo, paypal, or pay with a card through the stripe.com payment gateway. I do not recieve or store any of your card or account information from these secure gateways.

Is there a fee for delivery?
Yes. Delivery is $5 but there is no minimum order. Refer to our Delivery Details for more info.

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Gluten free?

We don’t test our finished products for gluten; therefore, even if we have not added any ingredients known to contain gluten, we cannot be certain they are gluten free. However, we understand how important it is for people who have been medically diagnosed with gluten sensitivity, intolerances or allergies to have accurate information about foods to help plan their meals and diets. Ingredients known to contain gluten are listed in product descriptions. If no ingredients known to contain gluten have been used, you'll see "no gluten added" in the product description. We can not, however, classify soups as "gluten free" due to the possibility of ingredients containing some gluten.

Food allergies or sensitivities?

Neither our facility or products are tested for allergens, therefore we make no claims that our soups are free of known allergens. We do, however, use fresh ingredients and very little packaged or processed foods. Ingredients known to contain allergens such as nuts, dairy, shellfish and gluten are listed in product descriptions. We are fine purveyors of delicious foods, but do not have the medical or scientific background to make claims in regards to food allergies/sensitivities. If you have a serious medical intolerance to certain foods, you may want to contact us before purchasing and consuming our products. We'll do our best to indicate if there may be good choices for you on the menu.
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Store Credit
Do you have store credit?

Make sure you are logged in to your Glory Bowl Soup Company account. Once you are, follow the link below to view your remaining balance
. Your store credit will be automatically applied to your next purchase.

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